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Inspirational Women (Age 7-10)

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Inspirational Women is a course for everybody, filled to the brim with astounding women who achieved their wildest dreams through sheer grit, resilience and heart.

You will stand up for your rights with Emmeline Pankhurst, fly around the world with Amelia Earhart, lead battles with Boudicca, spread altruism with Michelle Obama- and many more!

This will be an inspirational introduction to some of the women who have changed this world. Join to spark that fire within you, and start an adventure of your own!

A 5 week course that meets weekly for a one hour session.

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Get to know your tutor
Meet Laura!

I am an enthusiastic and passionate educational practitioner. I am a fully qualified teacher and have taught the full range of the primary years (currently in Year 4), and have an in-depth subject knowledge across the board. As part of being a leader in my school, I am currently head of History, and have previously held the positions of head of Character and KS1 English. I gained 9 A* qualifications before my A and A* A-Levels. I studied Classics at Warwick, earning the first place prize for my final year dissertation.

I strongly believe that all children are able to develop a growth mindset, learn across all subjects and make progress. I have studied and used a number of techniques to aid learning and uses them daily in her classroom. My teaching style is joyous, pacy and firm.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling around the world and finding new food and cultures to immerse myself in. I am an avid reader and baker and love book recommendations (and recipes!) from all ages.

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