Through our partners at Tapoly, Europe's first and fastest growing insurtech, tutors are covered by £1 million Professional Indemnity and £2 million Public Liability Insurance Cover for all tuition sessions booked via the Sophia mobile app.

What do we cover?

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Public liability insurance

Protects you against legal liability following an injury to a student (eg. through a trip or fall) or damage to third party property (eg. you spilt coffee on a laptop or an expensive rug). In the latter, a claim for payment to replace or repair the laptop or rug would be covered.

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Professional indemnity insurance

Covers you against any claims that you made a mistake in your work, or failed to provide an adequate service. This could be needed, for example, if you were preparing a student for an exam and they failed to get the grade required. The student you were tutoring (or their parents) may blame you for not adequately preparing them for the exam and demand a refund or compensation.

Is it important?

When you are self-employed, or are engaging a self-employed individual for contracted work - such as private tuition, it is important to consider personal insurance coverage. Insurance coverage for educators working within the private tuition sector as self-employed private tutors should be a mandatory requirement, as it is for other self-employed professionals.

The Tutors’ Association

The Tutors’ Association, the UK government recognised professional body for the private tuition sector, recommends all members seek personal insurance cover. Unfortunately, for many tutors working within the private tuition sector, insurance coverage is not something they are aware of, nor is it provided by the agencies who secure them work.

The Unexpected

Despite best intentions, insurance claims can arise from the most unlikely of circumstances and at the most unexpected moments. That is why it is necessary to have both public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance as well.


All sessions are covered

It is so important that tutors are adequately covered by insurance that Sophia is proud to lead by example. Through our partners at Tapoly, all Sophia tutors will be covered by £1 million Professional Indemnity and £2 million Public Liability Insurance for every tuition session booked via the Sophia mobile app, at no cost to them (Sophia pays for it all!) To our knowledge, we are the only tutoring company that offers this. However, we at Sophia believe that every tutor and client needs protection.

Full details of Sophia's insurance scheme and schedule of insurance can be requested by emailing

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