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Science Camp (Age 9-13)

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Tired of being at home? Tired of studying all those boring science books, with their endless questions and equations? Science is soooo boring! Or is it?

Led by Chris Irons, Chemist, experienced qualified teacher and scientist, this five day course is designed to provide students with practical FUN science experiments and investigations that can be completed using chemicals and resources that you can find at home.

Hold onto your hats, we are in for a wacky ride! In this Science course, we will prove that science can be fun and exciting. We will be completing fun science experiments, using chemicals and resources that you can find at home.

The emphasis is on fun, although we will be learning a bit of scientific knowledge along the way. After you finish this course you will be wondering why everyone does not love science.

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Our Science Camp will take place daily at the following schedule:

Monday 3rd August to Friday 7th August 2020

11:30am-12:30pm (9-13 year olds)

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Get to know your tutor
Meet Chris!

I’m a fully Qualified Teacher with a BSc in Pure and Applied Chemistry.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry, a Diploma in Science Education and Qualified Teaching Status in the UK. I join Sophia as a Sequoia Tutor with over 15 years experience as a science teacher, tutor and over 10 years as an assistant examiner. I am knowledgeable in the requirements of the examination boards in the UK, with a specialism in AQA and EdExcel and I am a lifelong student of the sciences. My primary focus as a tutor is to make the lessons engaging and to build the confidence of my students. I use strategies that will equip students with the skills that make them strong independent learners and as result are able to attempt new and novel problem situations that prepare them adequately for various assessments, examinations and lifelong learning.

Outside of teaching and working with students, I enjoy listening and cataloguing music, traveling locally and internationally and exploring different cultures.

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