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Python Coding Camp (Age 10 - 13)

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Our hugely popular SophiaX Camp - Python Coding is Back this Half Term!

Coding is now, more than ever, becoming an incredibly crucial skill, and this is a very powerful moment for students - seeing the results of their coding come to life in front of their eyes!

Introduction to Python Coding will see students Create and Build their own game. Coding is becoming more and more important in today’s society.

It is now part of the national curriculum in primary schools. However, it is often taught as a dry and boring subject – with little creative imagination coming from the syllabus.

When they build their first game they will be using if and else statements, going loopy, using functions, using classes and objects.

Some of the task’s students will be taking part over the course of the week include:

  • Not all snakes slither (calculating with Python, Variables are like Labels, Using Variables, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Programming Puzzles)
  • Drawing with turtles (creating a canvas, moving the turtle, programming puzzles, asking questions to the turtles)
  • Beginning your first game (if and else statements, going loopy, using functions, using classes and objects)
  • Bounce (whack the bouncing ball, creating the game canvas, adding some action, making the call bounce)
  • Mr Stick Man game (Ma Stick man game plan, Getting GIMP, creating the game elements, loading the stick figure, creating the animate function, making the stick man move, the final game).

The emphasis for this course is on fun and experimentation. No experience necessary.

Our Python Coding Camp will take place daily at the following schedule:

Monday 19th October to Friday 23rd October 2020

10.00am - 11.00am Children 10-13 Years Old - Python

No Registration Fee

Get to know your tutor
Meet Vitalie!

I am currently studying for my Master program at Goldsmiths University in Computational Neuroscience. I have fourteen months of private tutoring experience mainly in Maths and Physics up to undergraduate level. Having studied BioPhysics at University, medical science and computing, I am also confident in supporting students in Biology / Chemistry and Computer Science to GCSE and A Level.

I tend to help my students understand the theory behind Maths and Physics, by breaking learning down into smaller chunks of information; making it as simple as possible for them as he builds upon previous knowledge. Rather than test my students in regards to sit down examinations during my sessions, I prefer to ask a lot of questions to make sure the students understand the content at a deeper level; and then gets feedback, so they can adapt to higher level questioning. I do not think there are bad students, only bad teachers.

I like listening to music, reading different articles and to visit various cultural places. I speak Russian and Romanian and I am happy to offer these at a conversational level for students.

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