Meet Sophia's Education Team

With over 45 years of independent school experience, our educational leadership team provides a bespoke consultancy service to clients through each step of the private tuition journey.

Melissa-modal tutor
David-modal Tutor

Meet Sophia Virtual School's Tutors

Our Sophia Virtual School leaders are qualified subject specialist teachers, with an excellent track record in teaching and learning. Every Sophia Tutor has been vetted against the highest standards of safer recruitment in education, so our clients can trust that we uphold the same safeguarding standards, when working with our students online, as you would expect when they are being taught in the classroom.

Jackson Tutor
Michael tutor
James tutor
Sophie tutor
Mary tutor
Laura tutor
Jack tutor
Ellen tutor
Anne-Laure tutor
Chistopher tutor
David tutor
Julien tutor
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