11+ Plus Virtual School

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Our 11+ Plus Virtual School Lessons support students in their preparation for both Independent School and Grammar School Entrance Examinations.

Workshops are led by our subject specialist teachers who are experts in their field. These workshops cover English, Math, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning and Interview Techniques. Sessions will help improve study skills and exam techniques and increase your child's confidence in each subject.

Meet Sophia's Education Team

With over 45 years of independent school experience, our educational leadership team provides a bespoke consultancy service to clients through each step of the private tuition journey.

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Meet Sophia's 11+ Plus Tutors

Our Virtual School leaders are qualified subject specialist teachers with an excellent track record in teaching and learning. Every Sophia Tutor has been vetted against the highest standards of safer recruitment in education, so our clients can trust that we uphold the same safeguarding standards when working with our students online as you would expect when they are being taught in the classroom.

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11+ Plus Virtual School Workshops
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11+ Plus Creative Writing
11+ Plus Verbal Reasoning
11+ Plus Non Verbal Reasoning
11+ Plus English
11+ Plus Maths
11+ Plus Interview Preparation - Sophia Education Team
How it works
Virtual School explained.

Virtual School workshops are delivered in small groups to a maximum of two students, by our subject specialist teachers.

These live online workshops are taught using Bramble.io. Bramble allows for our teachers to deliver engaging live lessons, share resources and communicate in real time; just like being in the same room with every session recorded, searchable and available to review at a later date.

Virtual School workshops will ensure high quality preparation and learning continues.

Why Join our 11+ Plus Virtual School?

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Specialist Instruction

All Sophia Virtual School workshops are led by qualified subject specialists in order to ensure the best learning outcomes for students. Our teachers understand the content, can identify gaps in learning and are highly experienced in supporting students to deepen their knowledge and extend their understanding.

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Small Group Sessions

Our Virtual School workshops have a maximum capacity of two students. This ensures all students are able to connect with our teachers, talk, ask questions and share ideas in real time across devices. Using Bramble.io's cutting-edge technology ensures there's no delay between tutor and students, so it really feels like you're in the same room.

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Value for Money

Take advantage of having a qualified subject specialist for a fraction of the price. All content is delivered via Bramble.io and is available to review after the session. This means they're instantly available to students for search and playback as soon as the session ends.

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