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How to be a YouTuber (safely) for Teens

Love Youtube? Want to learn how to be a YouTuber but do it safely?

In today’s world we’ve seen the rise of YouTube with a new viral video being released every day. This interactive course will delve into the world of YouTube, covering behind the scenes aspects of content creation, such as creating an effective channel and how to potentially make money from YouTube.

Over the 5 weeks this interactive course will cover various aspects of YouTube:

Students will learn how to create and brand their own channel in the best way for their content to gain a following. They’ll be taught the basic guideline of YouTube to ensure they won’t violate the rules and get their video taken down.

We’ll also take a look at how you can monetise their YouTube experience via the use of advertising on YouTube videos.

Students will be taught how to build their channel and safely build their YouTube community. We will also look at the analytics behind the channel to ensure they can keep track of their progress as they grow.

The Students will be given the chance to strategically plan how they would create their own YouTube video It will look at various aspects of pre and post production i.e. what kind of video they would create, who their audience are and how to create a video. It will also look at some of the editing tools provided by YouTube.

The course will also allow for students to become content creators and create their own YouTube video! We’ll look at creating family friendly content that the students can be proud to say they created. (no need for any special equipment – a simple phone, tablet etc will be fine!).

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