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Summer Courses starting in July
Young Economists

Are you interested in the Economy? Want to know more about money and the stock market? Have you ever wondered about earning power, saving money and the global economy?

Well this is the course for you!

In this fun, interactive course, we will introduce kid friendly economic concepts to students who are interested in knowing about how their money works and how it impacts their daily lives.

Using well known games such as Minecraft, Roblox and Monopoly, children will be provided with real life examples of why understanding the economy matters, how it can affect their lives and the impact the future.

Students will be taught the basic concepts of saving and budgeting. How this can affect their lives and what they can purchase in the future.

In today’s world where children are learning the importance of money and technology from a younger age, its useful for them to learn the basic running of the global economy!

Led by Economics Graduate and Masters in Global Finance candidate, Noel Scott, this course is designed to be informative, interactive and fun.

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