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Summer Courses starting in July
Hunger Games

Led by Faizah Islam, Russell Group undergraduate English Literature student at Kings College London, this 4 week course for students age 11 - 16 will explore the Hunger Games Series.

There are good reasons why Suzanne Collins’ trilogy of The Hunger Games sold millions of copies and was made into huge blockbusting films. The reason for its success is the unique plot line consisting of inequality, revenge, compassion, friendships and more.

  • Is it true that The Hunger Games was based on the Greek legend of Theseus and the Minotaur?
  • Why is the book titled, The Hunger Games?
  • Who started The Hunger Games and why was it started?
  • Do the films accurately reflect the books?
  • Does The Hunger Games reflect our obsession with realty tv?
  • What would it like to be cast into a ‘gladiator ring’ and fight for your survival?

So, come on a journey with me and explore why The Hunger Games has become such a world-wide phenomenon.

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