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Summer Courses starting in July
Shaken Up Shakespeare (with Professional Actors)

Featuring interactive live performances from professional actors, this course is perfect for anyone interested in theatre and Shakespeare.

'I'm 99% sure no one actually gets Shakespeare...they just pretend to'.

Sound familiar? This quote from one of my first students expresses a common (and fair!) question. Why do we bother to study Shakespeare? As a theatre director, it's my job to make Shakespeare's plays not just understandable, but gripping, dramatic and alive! So, if that's what Shakespeare is like for audiences, why should it be any different for students...

Part live rehearsal - part seminar, this course is designed to give an insightful and hands-on introduction Shakespeare as performance. Led by professional theatre director and experienced tutor Ross Graham, and featuring interactive rehearsals with professional actors, you will explore how Shakespeare crafted his stories for the stage. Starting with the fundamental question 'what makes a play?', we will explore the tools, tips and tricks that Shakespeare used to bring his stories to life through his actors. By the end of this course you will have a stronger understanding of Shakespeare's theatre, and how his plays go from Page to Stage.

Over five weekly sessions (each 1 hour 30 mins approx.), we will use extracts from several of Shakespeare's plays, with an especial focus on one of Shakespeare's best-known plays: Macbeth.

Please note: you should aim to start the course with a good knowledge of Macbeth, and are recommended to read the play recently beforehand. Resources will be shared beforehand to enable you to do this. The course will take place over Zoom, with noted over an online Whiteboard.

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