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Summer Courses starting in July
Harry Potter (teenagers)

Led by Carolanne Boorman, Russell Group educated Masters Degree Holder from Kings College London, Harry Potter (teenagers) is a 5 week course that meets weekly for a one hour session and is aimed older Potter fans aged 10 - 12.

This course is designed to take a closer look at the world-wide phenomenon created by J.K. Rowling.

Think you know a snitch from a bludger, and the difference between Divination and Defence against Dark Arts? If you think you know your spells from your incantations and your Fred from your George Weasley?

It is time to dust off your copy of Hogwarts: A History and brush up on your magical plants. Are you ready to discover all the magical creatures from this world?

So, whether you are a Harry Potter whizz, or are muggle looking to try something new, now is the time to get involved and become spell bound in a whole new world.

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