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Summer Courses starting in July
Calling Comic Fans

Spiderman, Thor, Ironman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman – just some of the great comic heroes that roll off the tongue. Legends in their time. They are today what Zeus, Hercules, Perseus and Theseus were in ancient times.

Have you ever dreamt of being a superhero? Do you love Comic Books? If so, have you ever wanted to create your own comic book? Well, now is the time, to be creative and create your own superhero who, one day, may save the world from a planet invasion. Or would you like to travel across time and space to take on a supervillain, who is planning on destroying the Earth?

Led by Julien von Lieres, this five week course combines these two fun elements and will have you creating your very own comic book!

What are you waiting for? Time is of the essence? Book now, before it’s too late!!

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