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Summer Courses starting in July
Astronomy for Kids!

Perhaps the most important reason to study astronomy is that astronomy seeks to satisfy our fundamental curiosity about the world we live in, and answer the 'big' questions.

Did you ever wonder how the universe began? Why isn’t Pluto considered to be a planet anymore? Which is the largest planet? Is Mercury always the closest planet to the sun? Which is the hottest planet?

Led by Jack Hughes, Imperial Science master’s degree holder, and a highly experienced subject specialist Physics teacher from 11+ to A Level, this five-week course will answer these questions.

This kid friendly introduction to Astronomy will cover the history of the study of outer space from the Ancient Egyptians to the modern day. This exciting course will look at the planets that make up the solar system and how the universe began and what its eventual fate could be.

So, if you love space, have a curious mind and wonder what is out there past our own planet, then book this course. You will not be disappointed.

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