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Charlotte Sophia Online and Private face to face tutor

Meet Charlotte/Primary

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Experienced Early Years-KS2 qualified teacher; specialist in Early Years.

Sophia Tutor Rose

Meet Rose/Primary

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Qualified Primary Teacher with 7 years experience of teaching and tutoring from EYFS to KS3. Additional experience of tutoring Psychology from GCSE level to Undergraduate level.

Meet Jennifer/Primary

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Experienced and tech-savy teacher, offering all key subjects at Key Stage 2 Level.

Meet Christopher/Physics/Biology/Chemistry

by sophia

Fir Tier. Fully qualified teacher, with a BSc in pure and applied chemistry, offering biology, physics (KS3-4) and chemistry (KS3-5).

Meet Jackson/Primary

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Fully qualified primary specialist teacher offering English, mathematics and PE from KS 1-2.

Meet Anne Laure/French

by sophia

Fir Tier. Highly experienced and fully qualified French native speaking teacher offering French at all levels.

Meet Andrew/Math

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Experienced and excellent teacher with a passion for mathematics.

Meet Jack/Physics/Biology/Chemistry

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Highly experienced tutor and qualified teacher with a PGCE from the Institute of Education UCL

Meet Roshan/Math

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Experienced and qualified teacher and tutor offering mathematics, biology and Spanish, with a biomedical science degree from Imperial College London.

Meet Holly/Primary

by sophia

Fir Tier. Early Years qualified teacher offering English, phonics, mathematics and science from Early Years-Key Stage 2.

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