Meet Yasmeen!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Qualified TEFL certified teacher of English, with international experience and a BA in education, offering English as an additional language at all levels.

Yasmeen holds a BA in education from Roehampton University and is a TEFL certified teacher of English, with experience working in Spain teaching students across a variety of age ranges English as a second language.

Yasmeen is passionate about inspiring her students to enjoy learning. Her lessons are structured to not only develop confidence in her students to tackle the learning task at hand, but also to show them that learning can be fun. Games and a variety of activities help to keep her students engage with the lesson content. She continuously reviews the skills they have developed in previous lessons, in order to ensure each student reaches their potential.

Yasmeen is passionate about animals and enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures, languages, landscapes and people. She has visited many countries, some of these include; America, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Bosnia, Croatia and Dubai.