Meet Vitalie!

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    University graduate, currently studying for a Masters in computational neuroscience, offering biology, chemistry and computer science to GCSE and A Level.

VItalie is currently studying for his Master program at Goldsmiths University in computational neuroscience. He has fourteen months of private tutoring experience mainly in mathematics and physics up to undergraduate level. Having studied biophysics at University, medical science and computing, he is also confident in supporting students in biology / chemistry and computer science to GCSE and A Level.

Vitalie tends to help his students understand the theory behind maths and physics by breaking learning down into smaller chunks of information; making it as simple as possible for them, as he builds upon previous knowledge. Rather than test his students in regards to sit down examinations during his sessions, he prefers to ask a lot of questions to make sure the students understand the content at a deeper level; and then gets feedback, so they can adapt to higher level questioning. He does not think there are bad students, only bad teachers.

Vitalie likes to listen to music, read and visiting places of cultural interest. He speaks Russian and Romanian and is happy to offer these at a conversational level for students.