Meet Timothy!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced and qualified teacher, with a passion for the Environment, offering KS2 tuition.

Tim has worked in education for six years; four of which have been as a fully qualified primary school teacher after completing his PGCE Primary with Maths Specialism. He has experience working with children from all over the world with an array of cultures, backgrounds and nationalities. Tim has experience teaching in state schools in the UK, as well as British international schools in the Middle East and Asia. Due to the recent restrictions on schools around the world he has become very familiar with virtual teaching – whether it may be whole class, or individual sessions.

Tim’s teaching style is energetic and fun. whilst requiring high standards from the pupils that I teach. He is confident when it comes to assessing what quality of work a child should be producing, and using that as a baseline to set his expectations. Overall, children need to be kept motivated and enthused in order to maximise their potential.

Tim’s biggest passion is traveling and his favourite sport is swimming, particularity open water swimming. He enjoys cooking, reading and watching documentaries. As Tim has an undergraduate degree in Environmental and Public Health, these areas have become of particularly importantance to him, and he enjoys integrating them into children’s learning where possible.