Meet Sipke!

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    Fir Tier
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    PhD Cambridge graduate offering history, geography and sociology up to A’Level.

Sipke holds a PhD in geography from the University of Cambridge and also completed a MPhil in African studies, as well as a BA in social anthropology – both at the University of Cambridge. Spike has over two years of teaching and tutoring experience, having taught politics and geography to undergraduates at the University of Cambridge, as well as privately tutoring geography at GCSE and A-level.

Spike believes that the best approach to tuition is to allow students to arrive at answers and conclusions by themselves – with some gentle nudging of course! Evidence suggests that guiding a student, as they figure out problems and the answers to particular questions, is far more effective in helping them to retain information than simply giving them answers or lecturing directly. As such, Spike teaches his students by going through particular topics or exam questions, asking relevant questions from different angles and giving them the space to think through their answers. This also helps to develop their critical and independent thinking.

Spike is a film fanatic – he runs a film company in his spare time, in which he develops films from academic research publications. He also enjoys traveling, cooking and outdoor pursuits. Spike speaks Swahili and a bit of German.