Meet Salimah!

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    Oak Tier
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    Oxford graduate in MFL offering French, Arabic and Karate!

Salimah is a recent graduate from the University of Oxford, where she studied French and Arabic. She has been tutoring for the past three years in French and English in the UK and also in Jordan.

For Salimah the most important part of teaching is ensuring genuine understanding and inspiring self-motivation and passion for the subject, so the student is not reliant on a particular system or person to succeed. She tries to use a mixture of learning techniques depending on what the student reacts to best. But usually, a session is focused on the desired area of improvement with explanations, followed by practising, stretching the mind and checking for understanding. Salimah encourages students to question things, as it is an important step in problem-solving skills.

Salimah is a big sports fan, in particular martial arts. She has been doing karate for fifteen years, achieving a 2nd Dan black belt. She is also a big Marvel fan and a lover of cats!