Meet Ross!

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    Oak Tier
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    Talented Russel university educated English tutor, with a passion for drama and music.

Ross began tutoring during his undergraduate degree at Warwick University and has now nearly clocked up four years of tutoring GCSE and A-Level English and Drama, as well as assisting undergraduates. He also taught Drum Kit as a student, after receiving a Grade 8 distinction. Since graduating from Warwick with a First in English Literature and theatre studies (BA Hons), Ross has worked for a little over a year as an academic English tutor in London, working with students at Fortismere and Broomfield schools with very positive results.

Ross is also a theatre workshop leader and director, with experience working with primary, secondary, and university students, as well as directing and performing in professional venues. His previous workshops have included ‘Working with Shakespeare’, Creative Writing, Rhythm in Poetry and Text Analysis. Ross generally looks to support classroom learning through regular one-hour sessions (most often once a week, or as requested). He takes pride in getting to know his students, helping them maintain a positive attitude by working with their interests.

Ross finds a session most satisfying when it focuses on student-led learning, supported by structures, exercises and knowledge that Ross brings to every session. He enjoys getting students on their feet, when he feels the session is becoming bogged down through over-thinking (as often happens with GCSE and A-level literature students approaching difficult texts). That said, due to the compact nature of current GCSE and A-Level syllabi, he is mindful of completing the specific content of each exam.

Ross frequently creates supporting resources, works through past papers and engages a variety of visual/aural/kinaesthetic learning methods to break down subjects into manageable units. Most importantly, Ross encourages students to feel positive about their abilities, so that when they walk into an exam hall or assessment they have the confidence to do their best.

Ross is also a professional director and performer; he has worked in theatres, schools and prisons. He is a keen musician (drums, percussion, piano and singing!). He also enjoys cycling and running.