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    Experienced and qualified teacher and tutor offering mathematics, biology and Spanish, with a biomedical science degree from Imperial College London.

Roshan is a qualified teacher with over five years of full-time tutoring experience in the UK. She holds a biomedical science degree from Imperial College London and a PGCE (teacher training qualification) from the University of Warwick. She has tutored over fifty students in one or more of her specialist areas (mathematics, biology and Spanish) and has received very favourable reviews. Aside from her tuition work, she has also worked in the educational field in other capacities, including marking exams, interviewing prospective supply teachers and working as a supply teacher in primary schools.

As a tutor, Roshan has taught students of all ages; from those in Year 1 right up to those doing their A-Levels. She aims to build students’ confidence by highlighting their natural strengths – she has found that even the most reluctant students tend to have a set of skills that they can put to use to help them boost their grades. One of her key objectives is to help students develop a deep understanding of the subject and the initiative to tackle challenging questions. This requires them to feel safe and comfortable during lessons and so building a strong working relationship with them is essential.

In her spare time Roshan enjoys reading. She has also been experimenting with cooking and making short films and she is slowly getting better at both.


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