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    Qualified Primary Teacher with 7 years experience of teaching and tutoring from EYFS to KS3. Additional experience of tutoring Psychology from GCSE level to Undergraduate level.

Rose attended Oxford Brookes University, where she studied Psychology and received a First Class Honours degree. She was awarded the prestigious Michael Argyle Award for her final year dissertation, which led to it being published. Rose was awarded a PGCE from Oxford Brookes University. She is a fully qualified teacher with six years teaching experience. Rose has taught in both state and independent schools in the UK and Dubai. She has taught throughout the primary setting, from EYFS to Year 6. Additionally, Rose has experience of teaching some subjects to KS3 pupils. She is also able to teach Psychology to GCSE and A Level standard. Rose has been a 1:1 tutor for four years.

Rose strongly believes that creating a caring and encouraging environment helps to foster independent pupils, who develop a natural love of learning and an ability to reach their aspirations and individual dreams. She has a devoted passion for making a positive impact on the learning experiences of her pupils, and believes that a happy pupil is one who is confident and willing to take risks in their learning. Rose is passionate about holistic learning, and strongly believes that education should be fun, enjoyable and encompass all areas of development.

In her spare time, Rose enjoys exploring the world through her toddler’s eyes; being present in the moment and appreciating the small things. She practises Qi Gong daily, and is passionate about living mindfully. During the holidays, Rose enjoys travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures.


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