Meet Ramya!

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    Fir Tier
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    Very experienced and academic A’Level and GCSE chemistry tutor, with two Masters in chemistry, who has a wealth of international experience.

Ramya is a chemistry specialist who, surprisingly, has two Masters in chemistry; one from the Temple University, USA and one from the University of Hyderabad, India. Ramya has had a great deal of experience tutoring students in the USA, India, Dubai and the UK. She has also tutored many international students, helping them get into medical and engineering schools.

At first, Rayma likes to understand at what level her student is comfortable being tutored; she then tries to teach them at that pace. Once she has established a relationship with her students, she moves at a quicker pace. Rayma believes connecting concepts with real-life examples helps students grasp the concepts well. Then after building strong theoretical/conceptual knowledge, it is important that the student is able to apply these concepts to solve problems – this only comes by practice.

Rayma’s hobbies are travelling, reading and learning about the latest inventions in science and technology. She also enjoys the creative arts and watching sports. Rayma is fluent in Hindi and Telugu