Meet Rachael!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced teacher offering GCSE mathematics with eight years of teaching experience.

Rachel has been teaching in Inner City London schools for the last eight years. During this time, she has been Head of Faculty for mathematics in an Outstanding School with well above average progress for all students. She has lots of experience taking students with a range of abilities through the GCSE Mathematics course and preparing them for their exam. She has also taught AQA Further Mathematics.

Rachel will always explain to students why a particular method works, or show them visually using a diagram to prove a particular mathematics fact. From her experience, she has a range of methods for solving different problems and she allows students to choose the method they prefer to get to the right answer.

Rachel enjoys travelling, hiking and sailing. She has just finished a long-distance hike in New Zealand. She also loves music, and she has been part of a couple of London choirs.