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    Experienced chartered engineer, with a PhD in mechanical engineering, supporting mathematics and science from GCSE and beyond.

Patric holds a Bachelor degree (BEng (Hons) and a PhD degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Newcastle. He also earned a postgraduate diploma (PgD) in engineering from Sheffield Hallam University and is also a chartered engineer (MIMechE CEng). Patric is a professional engineer working in a British railway company and formerly held a post-doc research associate post at a UK university.

Expertly placed to provide support to students seeking support at GCSE and beyond to University Level, Patric is passionate about helping students to achieve their full potential. His first step is to understand his students’ academic strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, Patric aims to help them to be motivated to love the subjects through real life applications and seeks to encourage his students to go deep into the subjects to gain better understanding of the big picture.

Patric has a keen interest in photography, table tennis, engineering innovation and DIY projects. He is fluent in Chinese (Cantonese) with a basic level of understanding in Mandarin.


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