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Meet Roshan/Math

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Experienced and qualified teacher and tutor offering mathematics, biology and Spanish, with a biomedical science degree from Imperial College London.

Meet Holly/Primary

by sophia

Fir Tier. Early Years qualified teacher offering English, phonics, mathematics and science from Early Years-Key Stage 2.

Meet Merlyn/Biology/Chemistry

by sophia

Oak Tier. Oxford University student (with a passion for horses), completing her Masters in molecular and cellular biochemistry, offering biology, chemistry and mathematics up to A'Level.

Meet Fatima/French/Arabic

by sophia

Fir Tier. Experienced teacher with international experience offering English, French and Arabic.

Meet Renata/Music

by sophia

Fir Tier. Very educated and experienced classical musician, with a passion for music, offering piano at all levels and to all ages.

Meet Mary/English

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Highly experienced and retired Irish trained teacher offering private tuition across the age ranges.

Meet Ellen/English

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Fully qualified secondary English teacher with five years of experience.

Meet Kate/Primary

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Qualified teacher who specialises in Early Years (Early Years PGCE).

Meet Laura/Primary

by sophia

Sequoia Tier. Experienced primary school teacher offering English, mathematics and 11+ tutoring.

Meet Carolanne/History

by sophia

Fir Tier. Passionate Russell educated tutor offering history from KS 3-5, who wants history to come alive and be relevant to her students.

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