Meet Noel!

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    Oak Tier
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    Economics graduate, studying for a Masters in global finance, offering economics, business studies, mathematics and English.

Noel is a friendly caring individual that loves to see individuals prosper and he loves being involved in this process. He graduated two years ago from Coventry University, where he studied Financial Economics. He now wants to further his knowledge in the financial world and so he is now currently studying for his Masters in global finance.

Noel believes it is best to first learn theory and then apply the theory by doing practice papers. With practice papers, he believes that students learn best when they are shown how to answer questions first, before attempting questions themselves, as this gives them a good starting point. Noel knows the importance of being an adaptable tutor, as students will all have a varied way of learning. He ensures good results by finding out the most effective way to teach your child and by making the subject more relatable, as well as understandable for their leaning. Furthermore, Noel firmly believes in setting homework for students to complete in their own time to further their understanding, as this gives them the opportunity to attempt questions unaided. He can then mark the homework in the next lesson and focus on the areas of improvement.

Noel is currently working on his own brand with his business partner; where they are promoting other up and coming small businesses and creatives. He is doing this because he feels there are many talented individuals out there who are doing amazing things, but are not getting the recognition they deserve. He wants his brand to change that. The brand is called ‘Under the Influence’. They called it this, because they are all influenced by different things in life and all the factors that help shape your mindset and your passions.