Meet Niamh!

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    Oak Tier
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    Experienced and qualified teacher offering 11+ support and KS1-2 tutoring.

Niamh recently completed her undergraduate degree in English and drama at Goldsmiths University of London. She has A’Levels in English Literature, drama and textiles. She has had experience as a teaching assistant, working with both primary and secondary school students.

Niamh believes that the best way to aid a student’s learning is to break concepts down to their foundations. This gives a strong basis to build upon and it makes more complex material easier to understand. Every student learns differently and Niamh can easily adapt her approach to suit the needs of the student. She believes that energy is contagious and, through her enthusiasm, she aims to make students as enthusiastic about the subjects that she teaches as she is. Niamh is passionate about helping students to achieve their full potential and providing them with the support needed for this to happen.

Niamh has a passion for reading – her favourite genre is Gothic fiction. She also loves the creative arts, so she enjoys going to the theatre and visiting art galleries – especially to see the work of Modernist artists. She has also enjoyed creating free machine embroidery pieces for the past few years.