Meet Naomi!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced Head of Department offering Psychology at all levels and Biology at KS3-4.

Naomi has been teaching Psychology for eight years and has been Head of Department during this time. She currently teaches at a successful SW London Independent Senior School. Naomi also teaches sciences, with a focus on Biology and Ethics, which promotes critical thinking and debating skills.

Her teaching techniques very much depends on the student. She is a strong believer of placing meaning to tuition, because research supports semantic memories as being the key ingredient to form longer lasting memories. She also believes students should be more active in their learning.

As Naomi reads lots of research in her spare time, she has learnt the importance of exercise and mental health. She enjoys running and going to the gym. She is also practising mindfulness and will be doing an eight weeks course at her current place of work.