Meet Nadia!

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    Fir Tier
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    Practicing, compassionate and highly educated doctor with degrees from Stanford and Imperial College offering tutoring in many subject areas.

Nadia went to an international school where she completed the IB program. She was accepted early into Stanford University for her undergraduate degree- the application involved lots of personal statement revisions, interview practice, and SAT/ACT prep! While she was at Stanford, she studied Human Biology which was an inter-disciplinary degree with topics spanning from microbiology, molecular biology, healthcare policy, narrative medicine, to anthropology. During her university degree she received fellowship funding to create and teach public health education curriculum for primary and middle schools in refugee camps in Jordan. During her degree, she spent time in Paris at the Institut Pasteur as an infectious diseases research assistant. After university she went straight onto medical school at Imperial College London. She completed the Graduate Medical Entry Program and is now a practicing doctor. During her time at Imperial she organised the first narrative medicine course to be taught in the Global Health BSc degree and she is currently a tutor in this program. Nadia also worked as a volunteer tutor with a refugee organisation for students of migrant parents. Currently she teaches medical students in hospital as well.

Nadia believes that every student requires a unique approach to understanding a topic – no method fits all students. She finds that starting with a broad outline of topics to be covered and keeping sight of the “big picture” helps focus students and keep material from being too overwhelming. In her tutoring she has found signposting and mind mapping to be very effecting tools. Nadia likes students to explain to her what they do and don’t understand and then use this as the starting point of the lesson. She believes in encouraging and empowering students so they feel proud when they progress, but also to never feel embarrassed to ask questions or struggle. Every question that is answered wrong is always an opportunity to learn! When it comes to personal statements and applications, she believes that it is important to first know the student’s background, their dreams, their experiences etc and tailoring it to craft the perfect application which suits them, but also strategic for the institution they are applying to.

Nadia loves the medical humanities- essentially the role of fiction and the arts to illustrate different elements of healthcare. She tries to keep this up through writing on these topics. She is fascinated by medical technology and tries to attend as many events on this as she can at Imperial or the London Google campus. Otherwise, her hobbies include tennis, movies, swimming, and simply walking around enjoying the city with her friends! Her favourite thing in the world is to travel – her family is international; she grew up feeling like an airplane was a second home. In particular she loves travelling anywhere along the Mediterranean! Nadia speaks French and Algerian Arabic.