Meet Mutuala!

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    Native German speaker and fluent French and Dutch speaker offering German KS3-5 (and adult learners) and conversational French for KS3-4 and adult learners.

Mutuala is from Germany and she studied business, languages & marketing in the Netherlands and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the UK. Whilst being a student she has tutored German, French and English in her spare time for students at a Dutch secondary school. Mutuala is currently working for a self-publishing print-on-demand company in the UK, where she communicates with Dutch, German, French, English and Spanish customers on a daily basis. One of her key roles at work is translating web content, templates and software descriptions

Mutuala grew up in a multilingual family and she is very passionate about languages. She enjoys speaking and teaching languages in a fun and interactive way. Using her language skills at work reignited her passion to teach others. One of her favourite teaching methods involves music, because our brains seem to remember language easier when it is used with rhythm. It encourages active listening; the memorising of words and the lyrics to a song can teach you a range of vocabulary. Another method Mutuala has found to be effective (particularly through personal experience) is reading autobiographies. Autobiographies are very personal stories that are relatable, which makes the lessons more engaging when used correctly. Reading at least one page every day helps with expressive speaking and writing. Mutuala’s lesson structure depends on the level of the language one wants to learn.

Mutuala enjoys cooking and reading/listening to (audio) books; travelling is a big part of her lifestyle. She also enjoys martial arts and dancing. Mutuala is a native German speaker; she is also fluent in French and Dutch. She also speaks two more languages from her country of origin – Lingala and Swahili.