Meet Muhammed!

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    Oak Tier
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    Talented King’s College maths student offering mathematics and further mathematics at A’Level.

Muhammed is a highly skilled mathematics tutor, exclusively teaching A-level mathematics and further mathematics. Having achieved 3 A*s in mathematics, further mathematics and additional further mathematics with a 96% average (including 599/600 in the further mathematics A’level), Muhammed is able to provide his students with a powerful insight into exactly what they need to do to achieve top grades, regardless of how they perceive their mathematical ability beforehand. Muhammed is currently studying towards his mathematics degree at King’s College London. He has accumulated plenty of time teaching mathematics to students up to A-Level.

Muhammed is very well versed with the A-level specifications; he has a great deal of experience creating mathematics resources, which are used by students across the country – such as model answers and cheat sheets. His teaching style focuses on perfecting the intuition of the fundamentals of a given topic and steadily building upon this through lots of supervised practice and feedback – to the point where the student feels like they have well and truly gained a solid understanding of the content.

Muhammed likes to maintain a very active lifestyle, with strength training being a key interest of his and, in particular, calisthenics. He also regularly partakes in rock climbing. Outside of fitness he is an avid Formula 1 fan, supporting Ferrari – which can be very painful at times!