Meet Maxim/History

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    Oak Tier
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    Oxford educated tutor coaching Oxford entrance exams, as well as tutoring for A’Levels and GCSEs in history and politics.

Maxim’s background is centred on the humanities, having studied history, law and politics at A-Level and graduating with a degree in history and politics from Trinity College, Oxford. Maxim has been tutoring for over two years and has extensive experience in coaching Oxbridge applicants, as well as running a summer school for twelve students who applied to top UK universities. In addition, since September, he has been teaching A-Level politics on a weekly basis.

Maxim’s approach to tutoring focuses on rote learning and tutorials that are based on essays produced by the student. They read through these together to spot any errors and see if the essay makes sense when read aloud.

Aside from tutoring and looking for work experience in the City, Maxim is a regular at most of London’s art galleries; as well as being a big cinema fan, he also enjoys conservation work.


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