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    Fir Tier
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    Highly experienced mathematics and computer science tutor offering the sciences, mathematics and Italian.

Matteo graduated in mathematics with theoretical orientation at the University of Rome La Sapienza, and is currently a teaching assistant at the computer science department of UCL for the course of applied crypto and cryptoanalisys. He is also a research assistant to Dr.Nicolas.T.Courtois from UCL. A private tutor since 2010, Matteo is experienced in working with students from the primary to university level across mathematics and science, including exam preparation and entry tests for university and job applications. He has a particular passion and interest in working with foundation level students and undergraduates joining London Universities to study mathematics.

Matteo believes that the best approach to tuition is to set achievable goals for the students (depending on their level) and to make them work on problems they can solve; increasing the difficulty, until they fully grasp the concepts and the methods they need to learn.

Matteo is passionate about hiking in the outdoors, carpentry and travel. He is also a native Italian speaker and is able to offer Italian lessons for students wishing to develop their Italian language skills.