Meet Louis!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Russell university graduate and fully qualified teacher, with a passion for geography and rock climbing, offering geography, history and English.

Louis is a fully qualified secondary level teacher, with a specialism in the Humanities (via the University of Sheffield). He also has a geography degree from the University of Durham. Louis also has eight years of experience working with children and young adults in a range of academic, sporting and volunteering ventures.

Louis’ approach to teaching, is rooted in three core principles:

1. Enthusiasm – the student needs an enthusiastic educator to ensure engagement with the subject, especially after school or on weekends when motivation may be lacking. Louis aims to provide a stimulating learning environment in which the student will engage and share in his motivation for the subject.

2. Adaptability – working at schools in a variety of socioeconomic contexts has taught Louis how to better adapt to the needs of all learners. With regular feedback from student and parents he constantly looks to better tailor his teaching to a student’s unique requirements.

3. Independence – the creation of independent learners is Louis’ number one priority. Moving into higher education many students lack the independent study skills needed to thrive; he aims to equip his students with the skills needed to become independent, self-motivated learners.

Louis is a passionate rock climber; he enjoys travelling the world in pursuit of adventure and challenge. The climbing goes hand in hand with travel – Louis always strives to push himself from his comfort zone by visiting new and strange places. Louis also enjoys reading on a wide variety of subjects; though he mainly enjoys reading about general history and geopolitics.