Meet Leah!

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    A Masters in Physics tutor, offering the sciences and mathematics up to A’Level.

Leah recently graduated from the University of Bath with a First-class Masters degree in physics. She completed her A-Level studies in physics, chemistry, mathematics and further maths. Leah’s highly numerate background lends itself to science and mathematics tuition, ranging from preparation for the 11+ exams, up to undergraduate level. Leah also has experience tutoring GCSE science and A-Level chemistry to students seeking support for their studies.

Based on her own experience and academic success in physics and mathematics, Leah finds that the best way to ‘ace’ science and maths exams is through lots of practice. As a tutor, Leah aims to expose her students to as many different types of problems as possible, so that there are no surprises come exam-time. She aims to develop confidence and enthusiasm in all of her students through a fun and open environment.

Leah is a huge supporter of females pursuing physics and mathematics, both in their academic studies and in their wider career opportunities. She is an avid traveller and enjoys keeping fit and spending time with her family and baby nephew.