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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced and qualified teacher offering 11+ support and KS1-2 tutoring.

Laura is a fully qualified primary teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Education from Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in ‘History of Art and Visual Culture’ from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She has seven years teaching and tutoring experience (five years in England) both in public and private independent schools. She is extremely passionate about education and children, and believes that developing and fostering a general love of learning (and its process) ignites a lifelong spark for the desire to better oneself; she aims to instil this in all her students.

Laura’s teaching style is fun and firm. She sets a high standard of success for her students, but always tries to maintain a calming, joyful environment that doesn’t feel stressful. She genuinely enjoys getting to know her students, and use what she knows to structure and inform her lessons. Together they create a set of goals (Laura sets three of them and the student sets three of their own) which they aim to reach at different check points. Their goal, as a team, is to work together to build up a toolkit of methods that students can pull from at any time to enhance their problem-solving skills, strengthen confidence, and most importantly, build independence in their own success.

When she is not teaching, Laura can most often be found puttering away in front of her easel, or out traipsing around in search on the next great photograph. She loves to be outdoors and be active. She is an avid cyclist and loves to hike. The English countryside has endless adventure and beauty, and the best part, being a Canadian, is that there are no BEARS!


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