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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced and qualified teacher tutoring Humanities troughout Key Stage 3.

After gaining her degree in Politics and Social Policy from the University of Glasgow and her PGCE from the University of Aberdeen, Katherine spent six years working in Scottish Secondary Schools teaching Politics and Sociology. She enjoyed working closely with the Scottish Parliament, European Union and St. Andrews University and was lucky enough to travel to Brussels and Uganda representing her School region in international events. Building on this experience, she followed her passion to work with students in the pastoral side of education. She enjoys helping students gain valuable life experiences outside the classroom through sports, volunteering, work experience and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. She always encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities whatever their level of ability.

Katherine then moved to the UAE and lived in Dubai for 10 years working in Private education. She spent eight years working with US Curriculum iCademy Middle East, an online school teaching student from all over the Middle East. Here she taught Middle School History before becoming the Middle School Department Chair. Most recently she has been teaching Sociology and Social Studies, as well as being the Assistant Head, in an English National Curriculum ‘Brick and Mortar’ school.

Katherine firmly believes in the students being the leaders of their own learning, and that every path to success is different. The key to success is to ensure each lesson is focused, meets the individual students’ needs, that it includes challenge, and that it allows students to grow and gain confidence. Celebrating these successes frequently helps ensure the student grows in confidence. This child cantered and self-motivated approach helps students to take ownership of their own learning, and sets them up as lifelong learners. Katherine believes that the mutually respectful relationships created in the classroom are key to student success. Ultimately, it’s about creating global, future ready citizens who have the skills and knowledge to succeed in whatever path they choose to take.

When not in school you can often find Katherine cycling, running or swimming as she has a keen passion for sports. Having children of her own keeps her busy and you can often find them at the park playing football, or down at the beach. In her rest time, Katherine enjoys reading.


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