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    Experienced and educated teacher, with a Masters in TESOL, offering English and German.

Besides being a CELTA qualified English teacher, Katharina holds a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A.) supplemented by a Bachelor’s degree in modern languages and foreign language teaching (B.A.). However, this academic achievement is not due to her innate intelligence. She attributes this accomplishment to her love for learning languages and hard work. The other important aspect she has learnt during her years in practice is the sense of fulfilment in what she does. Her education has also trained her to analyse problems in the education sector and come up with key solutions; a skill that comes handy in most educators at all levels of instruction. A big part of her campus life involved development in language. Katharina was actively involved in professional language development and, at one time, she held a public speech at the TESOL international convention in Portland, Oregon, US. Besides being fluent in English and German, she was actively involved learning other languages such as French (advanced), Spanish (advanced) and Russian (beginner) which have further added to her remarkable skills in language instruction. Principally, Katharina was an English High School teacher in Dubai at two private schools for four years. Besides teaching at schools, Katharina has tutored a variety of children and adults to help them achieve success in their studies. She has taught literature, grammar, listening, and vocabulary. She is currently a doctoral student in the EdD programme at Greenwich University.

Katharina’s desire of enrolling in the teaching profession began when she was young. She used to admire teaching because she believed it is the best profession through which you can deliver your professionalism efficiently. She used to envy her primary teacher and was fascinated by his impressive teaching experience and unique ability to deliver fun and engaging lessons all students enjoyed attending. Mainly, this notion further influenced Katharina into liking the teaching profession. In line with that, teaching is a social career. Teaching provides a very good platform in social interaction. She is capable of implementing effective teaching methods in her work with students of different cultures and beliefs, to foster mutual tolerance and understanding. Moreover, she is successfully implementing the latest collaborative strategies in teaching to achieve differentiated instruction in order to meet the needs of her students with different abilities, and skills. Out of her four years teaching experience in different countries across the world, Katharina has developed a heartfelt love for this profession and looks forward to meeting lots of new students. She believes a variety of exciting and real-world activities stimulate a student’s learning on several different levels. Education is an incredibly powerful tool which educators must use effectively for all students to experience success and enjoyment each day of their school careers.

Katharina is an active social individual; she enjoys meeting up with friends from different part of the world. Having a profound background in literature, she also likes to read books of different genres and watch movies or go to the theatre. It is also important for her to keep a healthy and have an active lifestyle, so she counts swimming and running as part of her hobbies.