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    Qualified teacher and child psychologist, with SEN experience, offering English literature, English language and Psychology up to GCSE.

Jules is a qualified teacher and psychologist. She has over twenty years of experience in both Early Years, primary and secondary sectors. She has a proven track record of raising the academic attainment and sense of self-worth in the children she has had the privilege to work with. Jules has a BA/BSc combined honours degree in English and psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and an MSc in psychology. In the school setting, she specialises in English literature, English language and psychology.

Jules has a commitment to child-centred, self-motivated learning. The concept of negotiation goes a long way and she focuses heavily on the preferred learning style and positive psychological requirements of every child to create the best learning environment for the individual. She has found that when you strive to motivate the children, you can develop a solid mutual respect which results in a purposeful and positive working relationship. The children become aware of their own learning style and their own learning environmental needs, which encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning. This allows children to set their own targets and, as a result, their self-esteem – along with their results – increase considerably.

Jules is fascinated by neuroplasticity, and she is often found with her nose in a book on the subject-its bizarrely how she relaxes! She loves dance and teaches a form of Arabic dance-the fluidity of movement and creativity raises the serotonin levels sky high. She also enjoys walking in nature and allowing time to meditate and be mindful in our beautiful world.


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