Meet Joseph!

  • Tutor Tier:

    Fir Tier
  • Highlight:

    Compassionate university educated tutor with a Masters; has experience teaching students with learning difficulties.

Joseph has a Master’s degree in international fashion production management from the University of Arts, London. He also has over five years in private tutoring, mainly concentrating on students with learning difficulties dyslexia, dyscalculia etc. He completed a year’s tutoring under the Lindamond Bell Learning Process, where he did lots of different courses on supporting children with learning difficulties.

Joseph believes his tutoring/teaching style is a mix of applied cognitive theory and humour. He finds it important to be both compassionate and patient when tutoring students with learning difficulties. Joseph uses The Lindamood-Bell method when tutoring; this is designed as a therapeutic (non-school) intervention for children with severe language processing disabilities (including dyslexia, cognitive deficits, dysgraphia and dyscalculia). The approach is structured and progressive, and is designed to move at the pace of the child.

Joseph’s hobbies include photography. He also likes Japanese poetry and enjoys walking in forests. He dreams about eventually setting up his own business, concentrating on educational data analysis. Joseph also enjoys volunteering at his local Buddhist Centre.

Joseph speaks various Filipino languages. He is also quite competent in Spanish.