Meet Jackson/Primary

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Fully qualified primary specialist teacher offering English, mathematics and PE from KS 1-2.

Jackson is an Australian teacher who has taught in primary, secondary and SEN schools in both Australia and the UK over the last six years. He qualified in Victoria, Australia where he completed a double degree (Bachelor of Education/ Graduate Diploma of outdoor and environmental education).

Jackson engages his students in a range of learning experiences, including active, musical, written etc. This allows him to gauge what learning experiences are best suited to each individual child, so that he can have the biggest positive impact on their learning outcomes. Jackson believes that children learn best when they are having fun and are active in the learning process and he ensures his lessons are reflective of that. Jackson has a passion for music. Whether it be playing guitar, singing, looking for new music or producing at home. He believes music is also amazingly effective when used to help children learn.

When not teaching, Jackson spends time travelling to new countries, meeting new people and discovering more about culture and the history of the places he visits. He is passionate about keeping healthy and regularly goes for runs, gym sessions and long walks to relax and clear his mind.


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