Meet Izabau!

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    Fir Tier
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    Highly educated Russell university graduate offering English Literature/Language and philosophy from KS3-5.

Izabau has an undergraduate degree in English Literature and philosophy from Durham University, a Masters in gender studies from University College London (UCL) and a graduate diploma in law from BPP University. She is currently studying a Masters in law (LLM), alongside completing the legal practice course at BPP University. All of these degrees were achieved to a high standard. Izabau has a year’s tutoring experience, which was undertaken whilst she was in her final year at Durham University. She tutored A-Level students English Literature.

Izabau’s top priorities are: identifying and developing her tutee’s problem areas and then building their confidence. She aims to achieve these through a variety of techniques and exercises that tackle it head-on. She tries to make the texts and lessons as varied and engaging as possible – inciting motivation and passion for literature through discussion, practice exercises and games. Izabau is a strong advocate for critical analysis, which is extremely important when aiming for the top grades and academic confidence, so she will aim to constantly challenge her tutee’s thought processes alongside the other learning and revision aspects of the lesson.

Izabau plays the piano and violin, having been involved in orchestras and other ensembles since she was young (she was a music scholar at school) – so she does know how tricky it can be juggling other interests and music practice alongside your academic studies. Izabau is also training for a marathon which will be in March, and she also likes to travel – the latter being mainly down to trying new food. Izabau grew up with South African parents, so she understands Afrikaans.