Meet Hajr!

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    Fir Tier
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    Experienced tutor, completing her final year at Queen Mary in pharmaceutical chemistry, offering biology, chemistry and physics from KS3-4.

Hajr is currently completing her final year of an Msci course in pharmaceutical chemistry at Queen Mary University London. Her experience includes working in a tuition centre for over three years, with students either in group settings or in 1:1 private tutoring.

Hajr ensures that she firstly builds a rapport with a student. This helps the pupil to be a little more comfortable in lessons and not be afraid to say what they find difficult in a specific topic. Additionally, before the session, Harj tries to find what the student’s struggles are and how cater to that first.

Hajr enjoys travelling and trying new activities. When not travelling, she enjoys reading and powerlifting which helps her balance her work and staying healthy. Hajr also speaks fluent Arabic.