Meet Georgios!

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    Fir Tier
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    Very experienced and qualified corporate tax specialist offering accountancy, economics and taxation at university level, as well as Greek to adults.

George is a fully qualified corporation tax specialist. He has completed a PhD in accounting and finance and an MSc in finance and management at Loughborough University and a BSc in economics at the University of Piraeus. He is currently working as a senior policy and technical advisor at the Transfer Pricing Policy team of HM Revenue & Customs. He was previously a policy advisor at the Corporation Tax Strategy team of the Business and International Tax Group – at HM Treasury. As a tax specialist with HM Revenue & Customs, he worked with mid-size companies from a wide range of industries and large multinationals including global banks, stock exchanges and financial technology companies. He has experience in working on UK, Greek and international taxation, using UK GAAP, Greek GAAP and IFRS. He has delivered tutorials to university students in finance and professional training courses in international tax.

His approach to teaching, focuses on interactive sessions and the use of practical examples. He concentrates on actively engaging the student to the lesson to make it a joyful learning experience. In this way George identifies gaps and makes sure these are covered before moving on. He aims to concentrate on the key principles and explain their application in a wide range of scenarios. Through exercises and practical examples, he aims to help the student develop confidence in solving problems, as well as exam technique, and expertise in each area. Through real life examples from the press, he transfers his enthusiasm about the commercial world to the student and thus he maintains a stimulating learning environment.

George enjoys cooking, especially his famous cakes! He also plays the guitar and likes running and exercising. Snorkelling and diving in the summer, and snowboarding and hiking in the winter, are also some of his favourite pursuits.