Meet Georgina!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Experienced teacher, with international experience, offering mathematics (KS3-University) and psychology at GCSE

At A level Georgina studied mathematics, further mathematics, physics and music, and she has a BA degree from the University of Cambridge in mathematics and management. She completed a Graduate Teacher Program at the University of Bedfordshire, giving her qualified teacher status. She has a MSc in psychological studies from the University of Glasgow. She has eight years secondary maths teaching experience; five years at a co-educational boarding school in the UK, one year at a charity school in India and two years at an international school in Thailand.

Georgina strongly believes that no one is ‘rubbish at maths’ and that everyone has the potential to do well. If there is something a student does not understand, she likes to try to take a different approach and find an explanation that makes sense to them. She relates mathematics to real life as much as possible and uses activities to make some of the more ‘boring’ topics fun. Georgina likes to give her students problems and puzzles that help to improve their problem-solving skills and independent thinking. She believes in personalised learning and will always try to tailor lessons to the students’ needs and interests.

In her spare time Georgina likes to read about psychology, play tennis, practice yoga and meditate. She recently completed yoga teacher training in Thailand, and she hopes to start teaching it soon. She has travelled to many different countries, mostly in Asia, and she enjoys hiking and camping when she can get out to the mountains. She has grade 8 piano certificate and a violin diploma. Georgina speaks a little conversational Thai and she has GCSEs in French and German.