Meet Gamal!

  • Tutor Tier:

    Oak Tier
  • Highlight:

    History graduate (with a first) specialising in history and English.

Gamal is a First-class History graduate, who has a genuine passion for helping students reach their full academic potential. He has experience teaching students from KS1 to degree level in classrooms, as a teaching assistant in museums. He also has experience as a private tutor in GCSE and A-Levels in history and English across various exam boards, such as Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

Gamal’s approach is tailored to individual students’ needs and requirements, whether that entails a more content-driven approach or a focus on exam practise and exam technique. Through an evaluation, he will be able to access the areas that a student needs help in. Lessons can vary from classes dedicated to the content, going through exam technique, exam answers and past papers. He provides regular tests and homework to monitor their progress and ensure they are taking as much as they can from lessons. The opportunity to inspire, engage and support young people academically in lessons is something he takes pride in, especially ensuring that students attain their targets.

For Gamal, history represents a medium to which you can engage with a never-ending set of time periods, locations, events, and ideas. That is why he greatly enjoys reading books to do with history, especially ones that he does not have as much knowledge on. Gamal speaks French & Arabic.