Meet Faizah!

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    Oak Tier
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    Kings College London Student with specialism in English from KS2-5.

Faizah is currently an undergraduate student at Kings College London studying English Literature. She holds excellent ‘A’ levels in English, history, sociology and philosophy (AS); all subjects that require critical thinking, which she believes is essential to develop ones understanding. Faizah believes it is crucial to analyse and assess the facts and opinions derived from these subjects, in order to develop an academic opinion. She has always been interested in English, as she sees literature as a form of expression of the author’s beliefs. It grants an insight into how their personal feelings from the society or era are from. Historical, sociological and philosophical elements are heavily present in literature, hence she still has the privilege enjoying these subjects, as they are inextricably linked.

She believes that communication with her clients is key. The student may be aware of what they struggle with and by asking the right questions, she can understand what approach to adopt, in order to ensure that the student improves. Faizah is highly aware that different students learn in different ways. With experimentation of different activities, she seeks to present a model of learning which is best suited to the needs of individual students. Through adopting the most suitable methods unique to each learner, Faizah believes it helps her students grasp the concepts with more clarity.

Faizah enjoys reading books a lot, not only as part of her degree of study! She reads whenever she can, on the bus, train, in Starbucks, the library (not that she is complaining!) Faizah is also learning Japanese as a course towards her degree at KCL, which has been inspired by her interest in various Anime and reading mangas. Faizah also likes to paint, either with watercolour or acrylic paint and enjoys attending art galleries. Her favourite paintings can be found in the Louvre in Paris. Faizah is also a native speaker of Bengali.