Meet Emma!

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    Sequoia Tier
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    Qualified primary school teacher, with a passion for mathematics, offering core subjects and humanities.

Emma studied her first love for chemistry in the late 80s at Bristol University, after taking 4 ‘A’ levels – including mathematics, physics and chemistry. After qualifying as a chartered accountant, she then specialised in tax, until taking a break from paid work to look after her young family. It was her experience of helping her children through their primary education and their 11plus exams which led her into teaching; first as a teaching assistant and then as a teacher. Emma has recently completed her PGCE in primary education, with an additional mathematics specialism on top of the primary PGCE.

Emma teaches for understanding, not just to pass the exam, with an emphasis on using physical objects and practical real-life problems to aid understanding in mathematics. She feels that getting to know your child and their interests will make their creative writing and literacy more engaging. She is fortunate to have had a wide-ranging education with a deep experience of children, so she is not afraid of those tricky questions that children may ask about science, music, art or the humanities.

As a parent herself, Emma is still heavily involved in her children’s school lives. Both children go to local private schools, her son has an art scholarship (only two given per year) at a competitive public school and her daughter has a large academic scholarship at a GDST school.

Emma enjoys keeping fit: cycling, cold-water swimming, hill-walking and playing tennis. She regularly meets with her book group, loves the cinema and theatre, and trips to art exhibitions.