Meet Emanuele/Italian/Latin/Greek

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    Oak Tier
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    Masters educated linguist offering Latin, Greek, Italian and other modern foreign languages.

Emanuele graduated in classics at the prestigious Scuola Normale di Pisa (Italy) and attended additional courses in Ancient Greek Literature at King’s College London. He has taught Latin, Ancient Greek and Italian to learners of all ages, from primary school to undergraduates and adult learners; and he has also tutored history and mathematics.

Emanuele relies on his expert knowledge of the topics, as well as on his intuition, to tailor the lessons to the learner’s own knowledge and interests. He tends to be quite traditional in terms of grammar and rules, but is always on the lookout for new ideas and new approaches to tuition in order to make the sessions interesting for his students.

Emanuele loves books and browsing through second-hand bookshops in search for lost gems. He likes learning new languages and reading about history, the world and society. He also plays the flute and loves music, singing and whistling. Emanuele is a native Italian speaker.


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